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Primo Ceramic Grills Oval JR 200 All-in-One

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Fuel Type: Charcoal

Primo Oval JR 200 All-in-One Grill

Primo's Junior Charcoal Grill offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. All the benefits of the patented oval shape, in a smaller version. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food.

The unique cooking method gives you the flexibility to grill with blazing heat on one side of the Primo, while maintaining a lower temperature on the other for low and slow cooking. 

Made for grillers and barbecuers who share a passion for great food.  The combination of the ceramic shell and 100% natural lump charcoal creates juicier food and true wood-fired flavor.

The Primo All-In-One Series was developed with convenience in mind. It offers the same great ceramic grills with added accessories to provide a ready-to-grill experience assembled in minutes out of the box.  Just add whole lump charcoal once assembled, light and grill your favorite food.

The All-In-One package comes with the grill head, an ergonomic handle, cradle stand, side tables, ash tool, and grate lifter. 





  • TOP AIR CONTROL - The 6-position aluminum damper top allows for more precise temperature control.  It also features a hood for all-weather grilling.
  • LOWER AIR CONTROL - The 5-position lower air control slider allows you to adjust the airflow into the bed of charcoal. Utilize this feature to precisely control the temperature in the grill while cooking.
  • CERAMIC RETAINER CLIPS - The handle design integrates retaining clips to help keep the ceramic top firmly in place.
  • PATENTED OVAL DESIGN - The Primo Oval offers true simultaneous two-zone direct and indirect cooking.  You get two very distinct cooking zones, almost like using a grill and an oven at the same time.
    • GRILLING & SEARING - Direct Cooking One Zone, use this configuration for grilling meat such as steaks, chicken breasts, or any foods that benefit from cooking directly over the charcoal fire.
      • GRILLING & ROASTING - Direct & Indirect Cooking Two Zones, use direct and indirect cooking zones to grill meat on the direct side, while roasting
        tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side.
      • BAKING, ROASTING & SMOKING - Direct Indirect Cooking One Zone, Use this configuration for indirect cooking such as an oven or smoker. Cook at low to medium temperatures for baking pizza or smoking meat. (Heat deflectors/racks required)






    FUEL TYPE Charcoal
    MATERIAL Premium-Grade Ceramics
    COOKING SURFACE 210 Square Inches
    WIDTH  21 Inches
    HEIGHT  21.5 Inches
    DEPTH 16.25 Inches






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